Corporate Development

dotSport LLC

Sport is not just a game.Sport is about passion and incorporates a broad cross-section of society, all of whom are unquestionably attached to it. The appeal of the mainstream online social networks such as Facebook is starting to wear off. For many people the networks have become too much of "a mile wide and an inch deep". This has triggered demand for new categories of vertically oriented networks which offer functionality and services tailored towards specific needs and interests. is a dedicated social network positioned to serve the most emotional, exciting and obsessive activity in the world - sport.To put this in perspective, approximately 5% of all Americans are "obsessed" sports fans, while one in ten are "serious" sports fans.lifedotsport's mission is to provide a platform to fulfill this market’s social needs.

Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Registry

Founded Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Registry, the Internet's first global vertical Top Level Domain (gTLD) devoted exclusively to the tourism and travel industry.

The travel industry’s exclusive Internet domain was enthusiastically embraced by the global travel industry with more than 150,000 .travel domain names registered under RA’s leadership. The initiative was supported by more than 140 travel trade associations from 9 industry sectors and more than 73 countries. This was the last large-scale test before the advent of the new gTLD regime that began in 2013. Tralliance was sold to a publicly listed company in the United States.

Fare 1

fare 1, Inc., focused on the mission of putting travel agents back into travel.With travel agents under siege and faced with commission cuts from airline partners, the emergence of Internet travel companies offering new ways for consumers to reserve travel online, and suppliers encouraging consumers to book direct, travel agents faced the most serious crisis in the history of their profession.

fare 1 brought simplicity and order to an industry in transition by giving travel agents the tools they need to join the Internet revolution and profit from it, while providing their clients with the best fares available.

In May 2000, fare 1 was sold to U.K.-based, World Travel Holdings plc, which subsequently went public on the London A.I.M.Exchange in September 2000, realizing a 60,000,000-Pound Sterling (US$100,000,000) market valuation. [1999-2001]

DYNADX Technologies Company

DYNADX Technologies Company, Inc. developed, manufactured and marketed a proprietary, rotational poster advertising system, DYN-AD-X.

With the advent of the DYNADX, the televised sports advertising paradigm dramatically changed. For the first time, location became irrelevant; replaced by ‘time’. With DYNADX, each advertiser's name and logo was exclusively presented around the entire stadium.

DYNADX was immediately installed by the NBA's New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz and others.Today, most NBA teams utilize this technology, as do most Major League Baseball teams, and colleges.It can also be found in non-sports locations, e.g., at airports and in bus shelters.

Program Development

McDonald's Corporation

Created and implemented a 5-year, pan-European marketing plan as exclusive marketing consultant to McDonald's System of Europe (the chain's European operations).

A key element in the plan was the fulfillment of McDonald's first-ever athlete endorsement program with Jimmy Connors.Under the banner, Jimmy Connors and McDonald's - Two Great Americans Known Around The World, implemented a turn-key, multi-lingual marketing campaign in all restaurants in eight European nations (Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland).Over a 3-year period, more than 20,000 children 8-14 years old were taught the basic elements of the lifetime sport of tennis while significant sales increases were posted at virtually every participating restaurant, across all eight markets.

European Broadcasting Union

Authored model used by the European Broadcasting Union* ('EBU') to maximize cost saving from its sports television rights acquisitions. The unprecedented formula called for each EBU member to expand the coverage/viewership to increase the cost/value of the advertising signage around the playing field.In return, EBU members that broadcast the sports program received a share in the advertising revenues, traditionally owned exclusively by third party advertising rights holders.Under the model, both the EBU members and the advertising rights holders equitably shared in the significantly increased advertising income.


Foreign Policy Association

Authored White Paper on The Internet and Emerging Electronic Media, detailing the origins and impact of the Internet on the non-governmental organization, Foreign Policy Association.The study addressed access, content, key players, products and services "on the horizon", and the tools made available through the "one-to-millions" potential of the Net and brought to the light the field of possibilities available for the Association.